Teaser trailer for The Demolisher has FINALLY dropped

The day has at last arrived. The first glimpse of The Demolisher.

It feels like forever has gone by since the crew of The Demolisher was together, spending 12-18 hours per day filming intense scenes with the Arri Alexa guerilla style last spring.

No sleep. Caffeine-fueled. Perpetually-exhausted. Mind-numbingly awesome. All of these describe the experience. In fact I hardly remember from my time on set what scenes I saw filmed.

Good thing the teaser trailer is here to remind me then.

Press play and enjoy the first glimpse of Ry Barrett as the title anti-hero, Tianna Nori, and Jessica Vano in this Drive-meets-Punisher story.

Twitch has more on the film's progress. They've been tracking it for months now. (read about the trailer release here).

Merc Media worked as 2nd AC for the film, alongside DoP Martin Buzora, and was also asked to provide some visual effects compositing for one of the film's most shocking scenes. Wait till you see it.

Two new posters revealed for The Demolisher

Check out that ominous-looking poster for The Demolisher right there.

Last year I joined the crew of Gabriel Carrer's newest film and was thrilled for two reason: a) it was the first time working with Gabriel again in many years, as well as the first feature I worked with Director of Photography Martin Buzora on; and b) it was my first experience working with the Arri Alexa camera (the same that they used for Dallas Buyers Club).

The camera was a dream to shoot with, the crew was absolutely nuts to work with (18+ hour shoot days!) and I anxiously look forward to seeing some more images from the film as it gets through colour.

Follow the action on The Demolisher Facebook page.

Gabriel post updates on his website as he muddles through colour and sound. (http://gabrielcarrer.com/)


The Last Day on Set of Bite

Bite Final Cut Pro timeline

The end is in sight! Today is the last day of principal photography on Bite and also my last day on set. But the work doesn't end there.


  • Scenes cut: 48
  • Total runtime: 50:11
  • Number of crew birthdays celebrated on set: 3

Assembling the rough cut of Bite while here on set has been so incredibly smooth that I cannot believe the amount of progress we've already made. The cast and crew have worked TREMENDOUSLY hard to make this all happen.

There will most likely be pick-up days and I will get each day's footage delivered to me and will finish up the first cut of the movie. That's when things will get really exciting. Working with the director to finesse each scene, experiment with the arrangement of the scenes and trim the fat off of the entire film to get it to our goal running time of 83 minutes.

Updates will continue to be posted here as work. And I may have some video content to put up that goes more into depth on editing Bite during production.

In the meantime, be sure to like the Merc Media Facebook page to follow updates as they come out.