an expert hired for their specialties to carry out a specific task

I am a filmmaker. I love connecting with new people and telling their stories whether it be scripted or real-life.


Starting as a camera operator for indie film projects when I was young, I took to telling stories through the lens very quickly. Shortly after I started working in post-production creating visual effects, motion graphics and editing.

I've always worked with other like-minded creative filmmakers and tried to mix it up by meeting new talent to collaborate with. For each job I may reach into the pool of freelancers in my network to build a team of professionals dedicated to doing their best in telling the story.

Currently I serve primarily as an editor for feature films and commercials, specializing in on-site editing services to productions that want to add a boost to their movie's turnaround. Other times I am working behind the camera as an operator. If I had it my way, I would be doing both all of the time.