Achievement Unlocked! - Day 12 of Editing Bite

Editing Bite Black Fawn Films in Final Cut Pro

Just look at that big, sexy timeline! As of yesterday we've passed the halfway point of our estimated film duration (The distributor has us aim for 83 minutes. That's their "magic number" for total runtime).


  • Scenes cut: 34
  • Total runtime: 44:27
  • Average number of hours spent on set each day: 14

44 minutes edited. And we're on Day 11 of production. By this rate the director will be watching his movie by Christmas.

Once this week finishes I'll be excited to pack up and bring my edit suite back home to set up and finish up a few projects on my plate from the year (Bite, Antisocial 2, and a myriad of commercial projects).

Plus rest. There will probably be some rest in there somewhere once the holidays hit.

Just wanted to share this achievement with you. I'm feeling pretty awesome by the progress made on this production. It sure is a helluva way to cap the year off.