Day 1 of Editing Antisocial 2...sort of

Production started up yesterday for the sequel to the indie horror hit, Antisocial. Currently I'm set up a short drive away from set where some of the crew are bunking for the week, since some of the locations that are being used lack power for me to access. Generators are brought in for the lights and production equipment, so I've got to setup elsewhere.

Where I'm set up has its perks and its setbacks. It's quiet and has a great, big backyard for me to run around in (I do make sure I get out for some sunshine and exercise often). Also I get this lovable guy as company.


His name is Bronx and he took a day to warm up to me, but now we're getting along great.

So while I am not directly on set this week, I did have a chance to check out the location yesterday. Man, is it creepy! I have some photos I might share but it all depends on if the director gives the okay. He's kind of busy directing a movie to ask right now though. 

One difference between this setup and what we had for The Drownsman last year is the crew is shooting with more than one camera. So DMT had almost double the amount of footage to back up yesterday, therefore I didn't have anything to edit right away. Apparently tonight that will change, as they will be more on top of transferring footage from the cards. It's a possibility that I will have two days worth of footage to edit with tonight, so I've been taking extra steps today to make sure that I'm ready to go as soon as its handed over to me. 

One step I've taken to prep is setup the Final Cut Pro project file with a proper bin structure, as well as file folder structure on the hard drive for all of the project elements. An important responsibility for an editor is to keep all project files and folders organized. When the locked edit gets handed over to other departments (such as sound, colour grading, score and visual effects), being organized is key to making sure that everything trades hands smoothly. 

Another thing I made sure to do is to prepare my body and mind for the work to come. Resting and keeping active is essential for this production, especially with the night hours that will be put in (Sleep during the day; work while the production crew sleeps.). There are a helpful list of exercises that I can do where I am that require no equipment.

While on the topic, there are two pieces of gear that I brought with me that I am TREMENDOUSLY glad for doing so.


The jumprope is the only piece of exercise equipment that I need to take with me. Taking a break to skip for a few minutes outside is a fantastic way to keep the body moving and happy. And the lacrosse ball is something I picked up after trying crossfit for a month this summer. It helps greatly with mobility. You lie down on it and press it into your back against any tight spots, particularly around the shoulder blades (which any editor who sits for hours knows how tight and sore they can get). It loosens up muscles and releases tension so well. Smartest purchase I've EVER made.

So while I wait for the production crew to wrap so that I can get started, there are many things to keep me busy and best prepare for when I'm on deck.  Once footage is in my hands tonight, the real fun will start.

This blog will be the best way to check for updates on Antisocial 2 editing progress. I hope to share some of the experience of editing on-site for a feature. While I am not sure about releasing any stills, there will be glimpses into the editing process and a few teasers along the way.

Till next time!