So it begins - Day 1 of Editing Bite

RED Cine-X transcoding Dragon Epic footage for Bite edit

Ready. Set. Transcode.

Yesterday marked the first day of shooting Bite, as well as my first day editing it.

Once I was on set I saw many familiar faces. The Black Fawn gang is a family of crew so you see many of the same people from production-to-production. And many of us are on a hugging basis now.

Not much work to be done right away except load the day's footage into RCX and hit transcode. Using much of the same setting used on the previous Black Fawn films production, Antisocial 2. We're using the RED Dragon as Camera A and a RED Epic as Camera B this time around and filming in 5K. The addition of the powerful Dragon meant tweaking some of the proxy settings a bit.

The footage will be ready by morning and I can begin the lovely task of syncing audio and cutting scenes together.

More to come!