What Does It Feel Like To Be Part Of The Team - Day 8 of Antisocial 2

As the production moves into Day 8 on Antisocial 2, my timeline gets more and more full. As you can see from the image above, we are up to 18 minutes of cut footage.

Director Cody Calahan has gotten used to popping into the edit suite here on set to view any new scenes. I'm set up out of the way of production and where none of the cast/crew can look over my shoulders for a glimpse of any scenes, but accessible for the director and producers to drop in whenever they can.

This is why I love editing on-site. Editing a film is satisfying to begin with, but being here I get to work directly with the crew. Ordinarily the editor comes in after production wraps and misses out on working with so many of the crew hands. Filmmaking is a collaborative and social experience so by being here on set I get to feel more like a part of the production.

Not to mention that the production then gets the benefit of seeing the scenes come together as they film them. It becomes a more immediate gratification knowing that what you shot yesterday has been pieced together today...and it works!

Yesterday there was a particularly freaky scene cut together that offered just that. Cody watched  short and scary sequence that actually shocked him. The director was prepared for the scare in the scene and it STILL got him! He called in the make-up artists to watch their work and they were PUMPED to see it play out. Everybody got a good high off of seeing proof that their hard work was giving killer results.

This is why I love doing what I do. Feeling like an important part of the amazing group of filmmakers here and seeing that what I do is helping to give a boost to the production. Puts a smile on my face at night.

Know what else makes me smile? When the camera department leaves messages for the editor when they slate, such as this birthday message from a scene shot last Thursday...