Breakdown of a Title Sequence - Versus Valerie (Episode 1) Last week marked the first episode of the long-awaited web series, Versus Valerie. The Sexy Nerd Girl spinoff features Valerie Lapomme (played by the oh-so-fun-to-watch Hannah Spears) and her they go through life dealing with the ordinary problems we all have to face, but we get to see the ultra-nerd Val deal with them in her own signature way: her nerdy imagination takes over and we see how she sees the rest of the world, one filled with the Borg, Jedi, and zombies.

Merc's been working away doing visual effects and title sequences for the series, which has been SUPER exciting since I've been a fan of Sexy Nerd Girl's vlog for a couple years now.

Each episode's style is based on a different sub-genre of the geek 'verse. For the first episode, I was asked to put together a title sequence that resembled that of the BBC hit series 'Sherlock'. This involved using some aerial shots of the Toronto skyline (where the show proudly takes place, by the way) and using a tilt-shift effect for the "miniature"-ized look for the show's intro.

Check out the breakdown of the title sequence below. And watch the full episode of Versus Valerie over on their channel. New episodes are released every 2 weeks.