Gumshoes Screening at Canadian Film Festival

Gumshoes is a story that takes a twist on the film noir genre. Starts with a mysterious detective and a classy dame in a bar but it does not end the way you think it would. Press play on the trailer above to catch a teasing glimpse of it.

During an unspecified period of existence, John Fracas, a middle-aged, disheartened detective, discusses the specifics of a crime scene, also known as an "orchestration." He lets loose his emotional frustrations and struggles to a fellow bar patron who cares to listen.

It was an awesome (and lightning fast) two-day shoot followed by some visual effects for the climax. I worked under Director of Photography Martin Buzora who is a wonderful cinematographer with an equally wonderful smile.

It's screening at the Canadian Film Fest on March 22nd. If you have a chance to go, please attend the screening and drop me a message letting me know you saw it. I'd like to hear what you thought about this stylish little baby.

Canadian Film Fest March 20-22, 2014

Canadian Film Fest banner
Canadian Film Fest banner

'Love Never Dies' Premiere & VFX Contest

The latest movie from Possibility Films, Love Never Dies, premieres at the Bookshelf Cinema on October 28th at 9pm. Merc did some visual effects magic on the short flick. Unfortunately I can't attend the screening due to some business elsewhere, but I still want to see how well my vfx fooled you. So I'm issuing a challenge out there for those who attend. Watch the video and read on afterwards for the details.

Attend the screening at the Bookshelf and see if you can spot the 3 types of vfx that I did. There are approximately 25-30 shots total, but they can be all be categorized into 3 groups.

Leave a comment on the Merc Media Facebook wall with your answer. Those who guess correctly will be entered into a draw for a $25 gift certificate to Future Shop.

Winners will be announced a week following the screening on Nobember 4th on my channel and website.

Good luck and happy hunting!