Women of Distinction 2016 - Nominee Bloopers

Women of Distinction 2016 Guelph Gala

Are you here because you attended the Guelph Women of Distinction Gala on May 5th?

Merc Media shot almost 10 hours of interview footage with the 56 nominees to produce the videos that played at the gala. So much of that had to be cut out in order to make the series of 2-minute videos. It was equally a daunting challenge to know what to edit out...as well it was heartbreaking because so much of it deserved to be shared.

After going through all of the inspirational stories and wise words that each nominee had to share, we knew that we just had to find a way to share it all!

So right here throughout the month of May a new series of videos will be posted from the nominee interviews for you to enjoy!

Visit each week to see new stories, pieces of advise and heartwarming moments from the Women of Distinction interviews.

Share them with the people you know. Post them to social media using the hashtag #WOD2016.

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For now enjoy the lighter moments of the interview series. Click play and enjoy some of the smiles and laughs that came out during filming.