A Steadi walk down memory lane on UoG Campus

Last weekend we got a break from production on Antisocial 2 to head home for some R&R. So of course I threw the Glidecam on for the day.

All of the students returned for another year of schooling and the University of Guelph asked me to cover their move-in day and make a video showing all of the emotion and excitement.

There was a special highlight for me: revisiting my original residence room in 1st year. It's been 11 years since I had been in that room (Good God!) and a wave of nostalgia hit me in the face when I saw it.

The rest of the day was spent racing around campus capturing clips of parents hugging their all-grown-up-now children goodbye, students meeting their roommates for the first time and all of the hard-working volunteers welcoming everyone to their first year at Guelph.

And now back to editing!

Leanne and Chantelle from Student Housing Services were my smiley guides around campus for the day.