Merc joins Team Bloom for Movember

You'd think that growing facial hair being "my thing" and all that I would have participated in Movember before now. And yes, I have lazily grown various designs of face-fur during the month of November in past years, maybe in an attempt to at least belong to the group of men everywhere braving dirty 'staches to raise awareness for prostate/testicular cancer. But this year I vowed would be different. Movember 2012 has begun and I've made my decision to join fellow cinematographer Philip Bloom's "Team Bloom' as part of it. This was an easy decision (hair grows back, right?) right up until I grabbed the electric razor and did the deed. So of course I had to document it properly.


My beard has made the ultimate sacrifice, but something of a phoenix will rise where it once stood proudly. Mustache-growing season is on.

Please do me a huge favour and visit my Mo Space page to donate and also check out the other members of Team Bloom. The more support I get, you can bet the more I will toss updates on here. If time permits, and if I'm moved by enough donations and cries of favour, I might just create a short video to upload at the end of the month as a proper dedication to this month.

Good luck to all the guys out there, especially the ones who know damn well they don't look good with a soup-catcher hanging under their nostrils.