You Wouldn't Like Shane When He's Angry - Shooting ReRez

Every once in a while I get a visit from my buddy Shane. He runs ReRez, a gaming news channel where he covers some of the coolest and strangest games out there. Seriously, the consoles and games he finds is sometimes mind-boggling. Check out some of his previous episodes to see what I mean.

Usually when he stops by it means he's upset about something in the gaming world. Our version of therapy involves him ranting while I follow him with the Glidecam rig. The result is a smooth, one-shot video that gets his point across. And his blood pressure goes back down to normal.

He's gotten really good at nailing these in one or two takes and no script. Quite proud of him really.

Hit play. Take a look. Enjoy.

And check out the ReRez YouTube channel for reviews of games and consoles you've never heard of before.