Cinevate Duzi Camera Slider Preview

For a guy who loves a moving camera it's anybody's guess as to why it's taken me this long to purchase a slider. But that day has arrived with the Cinevate Duzi. After a few days of shopping around and deliberation I ordered the Duzi and 3 days later it showed up on my doorstep as I was enjoying my morning coffee. Even though it ships from Thunder Bay, it came surprisingly fast.

A slider is akin to a dolly in that it allows the camera to move smoothly left/right or forward/backward while filming. The Duzi is only 24" long but it is capable of adding just enough movement to enhance an otherwise ordinary shot.

Cinevate Duzi and morning coffee
Cinevate Duzi and morning coffee

I LOVE being able to move the camera during filming which is why I use the Glidecam so often. With the slider the camera can move even steadier over a shorter distance and the movement can be slow and subtle, which is difficult to pull off with the Glidecam.

Coming in at $399 plus any of the bells and whistles that go with it (all-terrain legs, carrying case, sling, etc.) plus a head to attach the camera onto, this was an easy decision to make. The Kessler CineSlider comparably is $1099 and is 3' or 5' long. For a quick setup and the ability to grab 'n go quickly, the Duzi appears to be simpler and more convenient.

Now I get to take it out and play. The weather's good for trying out some exterior shots and there are a few shoots coming up that the Duzi will come in handy on.

Stay tuned for more shots and notes on how well it works out.