Life After Pi: a short documentary about the fall of Rhythm & Hues

Employees of post-production house Rhythm & Hues found out that their company was declaring bankruptcy almost at the same time that they were awarded an Oscar for their astounding work on Ang Lee's Life of Pi. Somebody had the foresight to start rolling cameras to capture the thoughts and emotions of those affected. What followed is the making of a 30-minute documentary outlining the fall of the award-winning company and the awakening affect it had on the visual effects industry. Life After Pi chronicles the events leading up to a protest of 400 visual effects workers during the 2013 Academy Awards.

Aside from rallying vfx artists the world over to unify and find a solution for a broken business model, this event also helped pull back the curtain for the public. Moviegoers who were blissfully unaware of how much vfx workers actually contribute to their cinema experiences, as well as how they are treated, had their eyes opened up just a little bit.

Footage from last year's protest at the 2013 Academy Awards Ceremony. There is another demonstration planned for this year's awards, as well.

Watch the trailer above. Life After Pi premieres on YouTube on February 25th and will also be included in the feature-length documentary Hollywood Ending - Why the Movie Capital of the World is Forcing Filmmakers to Leave.

Life After Pi
Life After Pi