It Ain't Easy Being Chroma Green - Ignite Guelph talk

Nick Montgomery at Ignite Guelph 1

Back in the Spring I had the opportunity to speak at Ignite Guelph (like TED Talks, but much quicker). Here I was joined by other speakers as each of us got 5 minutes on stage to present pretty much anything we wanted to a room full of people ready to be enlightened. Given that at the time there was a lot of hubbub going around about the visual effects industry after what happened at the 2013 Academy Awards and the bankruptcy of several long-standing facilities, I decided to use this chance to inform folks what has befallen the wizards of movie magic and what has caused it. This proved to be incredibly difficult to sum up in just 5 minutes, so it has been immensely simplified. You'd be amazed how quickly those minutes go by when you're in front of a hundred or so people waiting to hear what the next words out of your mouth will be.

On top of all that, Merc Media had sponsored the event and so I was also in charge of filming everybody's speech. So you can now enjoy my talk along with the 14 others up on the Ignite Guelph channel. You'll be amazed at what you'll learn from these talks in such a short amount of time! Go give them a look-see.

Here's mine below. Big thanks to Shane Luis from ReRezTV for helping out with second camera, especially when I was on stage fumbling for words.

Stay tuned for an announcement for the next round of talks by visiting the official Ignite Guelph website.