Remembering Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones, a camera assistant with a smile and personality that lit up many film sets, died in a tragic accident on February 20th while filming Midnight Rider. The story has been covered by many, many websites and publications and shared by most folk in the film industry. It has spurred the Slates for Sarah movement, calling for safer work conditions for crewmembers on set. While filming a scene taking place on a set of train tracks, the crew was startled by an oncoming train that then struck and killed Sarah, along with injuring several other crew members. Questions are still being asked regarding whether or not the crew had clearance to be physically be where they were, but it does seem painfully obvious that the proper precautions were not taken.

Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones

A video highlighting Sarah's career and passion played at her memorial two days ago in North Carolina. It really tells you how delightful a person she was and at the 2:35 mark an incredible montage kicks off that displays the outpouring of support from many cast/crew, a lot of whom worked closely with her.

Attention to the sometimes unsafe work conditions combined with rigorous demands of film sets has happened as a result of what happened to Sarah.

You can read more about Sarah here.