Do you want to see STARS? Making a lyric video for Sixx:A.M.

Lots of updates from the past couple of months of work. This one was a doozey!

Lyric videos are very popular this year and bands are requesting them more and more lately. This is partly because they can often be made completely with text animation and motion graphics. No filming required.

This request for Sixx:A.M. came in from Black Fawn Films and three 30-second design concepts were pitched to see which would be the best fit for the song. This concept was approved and we were off.

This one was a blast to make and the song continues to run through my head after finishing it.

Check out Sixx:A.M.'s new album on iTunes. It's good listenin'! Most mornings I kick the day off by blasting the speakers with it. Gets you moving for sure.

Looking to get a lyric video made for your band? CONTACT ME with your song and concept (if you have one) to get a quote for yours.

Making An Explosive Music Video for KIX - Love Me With Your Top Down

Surely by now you've seen Weird Al Yankovic's "Word Crimes" video? That's the biggest example of a lyric video to date, and there's no denying how entertaining it is to watch. Especially if you yourself are sick of certain misuses of words and grammar.

This latest one I worked on for KIX's latest album was a literal blast to work on. Press the big play button above to give it a watch.

It was done completely in After Effects. No video shoots required. Just straight animation.

As soon as I heard the song ("Love Me With Your Top Down") I was hooked on it! The tune is just so damn catchy. I even played it for a client while we were setting up for an interview one day and he asked me, "Who does this song? The chorus is infectious!" Nasty-sounding word to use, but very appropriate as we kept moving our heads to it well after it had finished.

If the lyrics are the strongest part of a song, then it makes sense for a lyric video to really show them off.

Seen any awesome lyric videos lately? Post 'em if you got 'em. Drop a link in the comments.