Oh my god, Merc shot FLuffee!

This past weekend meant ConG for many of us local nerds. It was a lot easier than traveling to New York or Calgary for a decent con, it was right down the road. So myself and my teammates at Synn Studios set up our Instant FX booth in the lobby and offered the cosplayers (a lot of which were pretty slick with the costumes) some digital superpowers to show off. Our neighbour was FLuffee from the YouTube channel FLuffeeTalks, and I overheard him saying he wanted to blow his head off. Must have been having a rough day. So I did what any caring vfx artist would do to help a person in need...put a gun in his hand and told him to go for it. Of course, it was a prop gun and we got him to do it in front of the green screen.

If you're going to shoot yourself, do it safely.