Pulling an all-night edit at Night/Shift for 'Killing Art'

When a filmmaker hires you for an all-day job, you know you're in for some fun.

Last weekend Duncan Finnigan and Lyndon Horsfall from the 12 Angry Filmmakers group took on the challenge of shooting multiple short films in one day. It was all part of Night/Shift, a nuit-blanche festival of art in KW. One thing that the gents wanted to do to spice up the night was to have me on-location to edit one of the short films to show that very night for an audience.

Editing setup at Night Shift for 12 Angry Filmmakers

9 a.m.: I arrived on location at the Walper Hotel and set up my editing suite while the cast/crew arrived and prepped to shoot. By noon I was receiving footage from the camera crew and started to cut the short together.

Yes, that would be my rubber ducky sitting atop my computer monitors. It goes wherever I go. Rubber ducky just gets me and is such a positive influence on my work.

Every time the crew returned to home base to swap batteries, warm up and grab a snack, Duncan (el director) sat with me to look over the edit briefly and give some feedback.

By 1:30 a.m. we had a 10-minute rough to show to those who had gathered to watch it. And of course, free popcorn for all.

Before the film gets released online, Duncan and I both agreed we wanted to tighten up the edit and give it a few extra touches.

The 12 Angry Filmmakers are a mad bunch of folk who are always up to something awesome. Like their Facebook page and check out some of the other shorts they work on.

Thanks to Michael Malko and Erica Robinson for snapping the pics of me working. One request I have while working is if you're going to watch me edit then you might as well take a couple of pictures for me to use.