So You Want to Start Your Own Web Series?

Lately I've noticed two things: I'm surrounded by people who are interested in the idea of producing their own web series (be it a narrative story, a weekly review show or a cooking show), and I myself have wanted to do a regular video series. Up until now, the only thing that was holding me back was the question of what the content of the series could be. As I went through the steps to realize what I could devote myself to covering in a web series, that being offering an insider's perspective to video production, it was obvious what my first episode should be about: things you should be thinking about when starting up a web series of your own.

I present to you the inaugural episode of Merc Media's channel: 'So You Want to Start Your Own Web Series'. It's for those who have little to no background in video production but are intrigued by the concept of starting a series and just need to know the first steps.