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Adobe's announcement to move its software licensing to a completely subscription-based model upset many loyal users. They've all stated their reasons for being enraged: no longer owning a permanent version of the software, paying a monthly/yearly fee forever rather than a one-time cost, etc. Then about a week ago I was walking along shooting the shit with Shane Luis from ReRezTV (we were shooting his own rant video on Microsoft's announcement of the Xbox One), when he asked me about the news of Creative Cloud and how it was affecting everybody. He decided to turn my own camera on me and get my brief thoughts on the matter.

And for the record, I don't think that Creative Cloud will solve piracy. However, I have met more than a small number of people (and the rest of us are very aware that these folk are out there) who justify pirating copies of Adobe programs because they can't afford the costs of purchasing them outright. Instead they download illegal versions of the software to start learning and working in order to eventually get legit versions down the road. This would make it far easier for those wanting to dive in and learn the programs right away, and far more difficult for folk to use cost as an excuse.