30 Days to Follow Merc Around

Colour Grading Setup in Premiere

30 days. Seems like a lot of time. It also doesn't. Not enough to get EVERY to-do item crossed off. But perhaps long enough to do one personal challenge. Like you (probably) I don't believe in New Year's resolutions. Making them is a tacky exercise. But there is something about taking much-needed time off for the holidays that puts me into an uber-productive mood. As you enter January, do you not get a hunger for something to do...and the drive to do an awesome job of it?

The need to learn something new is consistently how I feel when starting a new year: how to play the harmonica, how to draw comic-book characters or how to cook tai food recipes.

This year I want to do something to better myself in my work. Simultaneously I want to be able to share the work that I do, the creative projects that I am a part of and share with others the great things that I get to learn each day working as a filmmaker.

So for this month I am participating in Hubspot's 30-Day Blogging Challenge.

Each day there will be a new post about a video project that's in development, a breakdown of how I tackle my post-production work, some extremely helpful tips or tricks I've learned or whatever else I may feel inspired enough to write about.

So that's it. That's the plan for this month. There has to be something you can find to write about once a day that would interest others. What's going to be keeping YOU busy for 30 days?