Nowadays every business with a social media account on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram has an audience waiting for them to post something eye-catching. Branded video content can draw new potential customers to your business and remind your current customers to keep coming back.

Crafted with the right mix of entertainment, information and production value, branded content can extend your business' reach and therefore your market.

The social media landscape changes each week. Each platform introduces new features for uploading your video content, as well as new specs to adhere to for the best quality.

Merc Media can provide captivating media for your business and deliver in various formats specially designed for each social media channel available.

Merc Media can:

• Create a unique concept for you

• Provide complete production services

• Deliver in any format for online or broadcast

Ever heard of a cinemagraph? You've probably seen them. They are those magical animated photos that are starting to become very popular. They catch your viewer's attention with just a bit of striking motion. And they are very cost-effective to produce.

By 2020,

75% of mobile traffic

will consist of video content.


Facebook videos are creating 13.2 times

the amount of chatter on the social network year over year.

Users are sharing and creating

three times the number of videos

this year compared to 2015.


There are 100 million hours of Facebook video viewed daily.

Here is a sample of the most effective

branded Instagram videos