dj charlie clean

DJ Charlie Clean – Custom Events is an award winning DJ Service with a proven track record in running an event the way it should be run. Your way! We specialize in creating custom music arrangements, as well as advanced detailed planning for your special event.

From corporate to school events, fundraisers to private parties and special events, weddings are where we really shine! We understand that a tremendous amount of planning goes into every wedding and we are right there with you every step of the way with our helpful online planning tools (explain more!). Our mission is to help you have the wedding that people will talk about for years to come (describe further!).

With an extremely diverse and extensive music library, using only the finest, state-of-the-art equipment, we focus on supplying the best possible music for your event (explain your process), not cheesy gimmicks. Based in the Guelph area, we are 100% mobile and cover all of Ontario!

DJ Charlie Clean – Custom Events DJ’s are professional, presentable, friendly, courteous, extremely passionate about music, detail oriented, and dedicated to helping you plan the perfect event. This is what DJ Charlie Clean – Custom Events is all about!


Takeaway message: "More than just a DJ, we're your event planner."

What is the GOAL with your video?

Aimed at men/women 20s-40s planning events (focus on weddings) that are concerned with the right types of music being played unique to their guests.

What your video will do for your AUDIENCE:

Introduce them to DJ Charlie Clean. We will help client prospects understand your unique value quickly, realizing the quality of service you offer that goes above other DJ services and make the "shopping around" experience easier for them by answering the basic questions and prompting them with the next action of contacting you with specific questions/requests.

Additionally, we will make them see you as the face of your company and be comfortable with the idea that you may assign one of your employees to their event.

What your videos will do for YOU:
  • Making client acquisition easier for you and improving the ratio of inquiries-to-sales. 
  • We will give you more time to focus on more important tasks and less about chasing prospect clients and answering the most common questions first.
  • Attract new clients from other circles that you may not be currently targeting
  • Showcase you as the face of your company and delegate events to your other employees, further freeing up your time to grow your company.


Look at this example strictly for how we will be cutting back and forth between the main content (your interview) in specific, focused pieces and the b-roll (the customer experience with you). The interview sounds authentic, so will yours.